Find me at an upcoming pop-up event or shop in person anytime at one of the local Kansas City businesses below. 

Dec 7 - Dec 31

Shop in Person At SOAP Refill Station

Shop handmade ceramic soap dishes and more in person daily at the SOAP Refill Station. SOAP is a refill shop located in Waldo, with a goal to reduce single use plastic waste in our landfills and waterways. You can bring in your own containers to refill, grab one of their free containers from the donation bin, or buy a brand new one (hint, hint... a ceramic one)


Dec 7 - Jan 31

Shop in Person At The 12th Street Post

You can find my ceramic planters, drip trays, candle holders, mugs, and more at The 12th Street Post in the heart of historic West Bottoms in Kansas City! Shop plants, local art, and more in this beautiful sunny space.

1501 West 12 ST Kansas City, MO 64101

Dec 7 - Aug 31

Shop in Person At Haven Wellness Spa

My work is available for sale in person at Haven Wellness + Spa in Overland Park! Their mission is to provide a calming wellness-based environment where individuals are encouraged to re-connect with their body and energy, while deepening their self-care and healing practices. They offer a variety of therapy and healing sessions and have an adorable shop in store. This is the perfect spot to treat yourself or a friend!

7211 95th Street, Overland Park, KS 66212

Jun 20 - Mar 31

Shop in Person At Billie’s Grocery & Juicery

Shop my matcha chawans at Billie’s Grocery in Midtown or Billie’s Juicery in Brookside. Billie's is a dietary and lifestyle friendly restaurant and bakery with a beautiful atmosphere and delicious baked goods, juices, and wholesome meals. Designed by Unbakery Owner, former Filling Station Owner and Nutritional Therapist Practitioner Robin Krause, Billie's Grocery brings mostly organic, nutrient-dense whole eats and treats to the community's ever-growing health food scene.

3216 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, MO 64109

Jun 20 - Jun 30

Shop In Person At Harvest Moon Botanica

Shop my candles, ceremonial cups, candle holders, lidded herb jars, and more at Harvest Moon Botanica on 41st and Troost Ave. This is a beautiful metaphysical shop, where you can find herbs, crystals, tinctures, books, household products, and more. The owner Theresa, or Mama T, carries a wealth of herbal knowledge with customers. A beautiful space for healing!

4107 A, Troost Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64110

Sep 7 - Aug 24

Shop In Person At Cafe Corazón

Stop in to Cafe Corazón, grab your beverage of choice, and check out the Yerba Mate gourds for sale in their shop section. Cafe Corazón is a Latino & Indigenous family-owned business serving the finest local and artisanal ingredients. Their Latin American, fair trade coffee, is roasted right here in Kansas City. They have the best Yerba Mate from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil!

Crossroads or Westport Locations

Jan 29 - Aug 10

Shop In Person At Oleo Coffee

Shop handmade ceramic mugs in person at Oleo Coffee. Located in the crossroads, the retail-only roasting brand focuses on highlighting coffees grown on Single Estate Farms. Stop by for espresso, hot drip brews, cold coffee, tea, or a bite to eat.

419 E 18th Street Kansas City, MO

Feb 7 - Nov 30

Shop In Person At Homesong Market

Shop a collection of handmade ceramic candle holders and vases in person at Homesong Market - a general store of sorts, offering sustainable home wares that inspired slow, intentional homemaking throughout the seasons. Including old things like crocks, quilts, wooden toys, kitchen wares, and vintage art.

6213 Oak St, Kansas City MO 64113